Fundamentals of Chemistry

Topics Covered:

Section I: Matter, its Properties and Naming of Compounds: Practices with Solutions
  1. Introduction to Units and Measurement

  2. Atoms and its Components

  3. Atoms Combine to Form Molecules & Ions

  4. Nomenclature of Compounds

  5. Section 1: Exercises and Solution

Section II: Stoichiometric Calculations: Practices with Solutions
  1. Introduction to Stoichiometry

  2. Balancing a Chemical Equation

  3. Formula Weight and % Composition from Formula

  4. The Mole & the Molar Mass

  5. Empirical Formula from Analysis

  6. Combustion Analysis

  7. Quantitative Information from Balanced Equations

  8. Limiting Reactant

  9. Theoretical Yield

  10. Section 2: Exercises and Solution

Section III: Reactions in Aqueous Solutions - Electrochemistry: Practices with Solutions
  1. Introduction to Acid-Base Reactions

  2. Neutralization Reactions & Salts

  3. Oxidation-Reduction Reactions

  4. Oxidation and Reduction Occuring Simultaneously

  5. Section 3: Exercises and Solution

Section IV: Electronic Structure of Atoms: Practices with Solutions
  1. Effective Nuclear Charge

  2. Size of Atoms and Ions

  3. The Isoelectronic Series

  4. Ionization Energy (IE)

  5. Electron Affinity

  6. Section 4: Exercises and Solution

Section V: Basic Concepts of Chemical Bonding: Practices with Solutions
  1. Chemical Bonds, Lewis Symbols and the Octet Rule

  2. Ionic Bonding

  3. Covalent Bonding

  4. Bond Polarity and Electronegativity

  5. Drawing Lewis Structures

  6. Resonance Structures

  7. Exceptions to the Octet Rule

  8. Section 5: Exercises and Solution

Section VI: Molecular Geometry & Bonding Theories: Practices with Solutions
  1. Molecular Shapes

  2. The VSEPR Model

  3. Molecular Shape and Molecular Polarity

  4. Covalent Bonding and orbital Overlap

  5. Section 6: Exercises and Solution

Section VII: Gases: Practices with Solutions
  1. Characteristics of gases

  2. Gas Laws

  3. Kinetic Molecular Theory

  4. Graham's Law of Effusion, Gases Diffusion and Mean Free Path Average

  5. Section 7: Exercises and Solution

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