Quantitative Information from Balanced Equations


Remark: In a balanced equation, reactants and products are equivalent to each other.


Information from Balanced Equations
Equation2H2(g)+O2(g)2H2O (l)
Molecules2 Molecules H2+1 molecule O22 molecules H2O
Amount (mol):2 mols H2+1 mol O22 mols H2O

This is a balanced equation, hence we can say, 2 mol of H2 are equivalent to 1 mol of O2, and to 2 mol of H2O

Based on these equivalences, we can say that:

Hence, if # mol of any reactant is known, # mol of the product can be calculated as long as both are represented in a balanced equation.

A balanced equation contains the correct # mol for each of the reactants and products.
If their masses (in grams) were given instead, these should be converted into mol using the conversion equation between them.


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