Online Courses on Web Development, Technologies, Quantitative Reasoning, and Intelligent Systems


This site provides learners opportunities to learn at their own pace various web development courses, technologies, quantitative reasoning, computer programming, and intelligent systems. For now it encompases various web programming tools including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, C#, and Python. In addition to Business Mathematics, Statistical Mathematics, Propositional Logic, Principles of Physics, and Fundamentals of Chemistry. This list will grow in the near future based on feedback from visitors like you. I also included advanced topics such as how to use artificial intelligence (AI) in learning (Learning Analytics); Smart Cities; and various research publications related to AI and other related fields.

Section I: Web Development Technologies and Programming
  1. Downloading Text Editor Notepad++

  2. HTML5

  3. JavaScript

  4. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

  5. C#

  6. Python

Section II: Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Courses:

  1. Propositional Logic

  2. Business Mathematics

  3. Statistical Mathematics

Section III: Basics of Economics
  1. Basics of Economics

Section IV: Principles of Physics
  1. Principles of Physics

Section V: Fundamentals of Chemistry
  1. Fundamentals of Chemistry

Section VI: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI and Learning Analytics Topics:

  1. Introduction to Learning Analytics

  2. Data Science

  3. Learning Analytics and AI

  4. Role of Artificial Intelligence

  5. Collaborative Filtering (CF)

  6. Innovative Approch

Section VII: Publications

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Consultancy Reports

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