C# Programming Language


C# has been designed to easy to use, general-purpose, object-oriented, very similar to Java programming language, but it's known as the .NET language. Even though C# program can be compiled to machine code but it's commonly used within the .NET framework. As we will see later in this tutorial, global variables and functions are dropped in C# and classes play a major role and generally every thing orbits around classes.

Topics Covered:

  1. Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

  2. Introduction

  3. Starting a New Project

  4. Latin Calculator

  5. Integral Data Types

  6. Practice Exercice: Part-1

  7. Practice Exercices: Part-2

  8. Practice Exercices: Part-3

  9. Selection and Repetitions

  10. Loops and Repetitions: The While loop

  11. Loops and Repetitions: The For loop

  12. Tips and Exercices on Loops: Part-1

  13. Additional Exercices on Loops: Part-2

  14. Introduction to Operators

  15. Making Decisions

  16. Examples on Making Decisions: Part-1

  17. Examples on Making Decisions: Part-2

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Date of last modification: 2024