Web Application and Development using HTML5


HTML5 (HyperText Markup Language 5) is a language that enables web developers to create and design documents to be displayed in web browsers.

Web developpers store their HTML5 documents in computers called web servers and then users access or request HTML5 documents in a form of web pages using their web browsers as clients.

An HTML5 document includes text mixed with markup tags. Tags are enclosed between angle brackets for example(<title>) indicating here the element Title of an HTML5 document as we will see later in this tutorial.

In this tutorial, we will create HTML5 documents in Notepad++ and saving it with .html or .htm filename extension. Powerful computers called web servers store HTML5 documents and clients such as web browsers running on personal computers or mobile phones request HTML documents from web servers.

Topics Covered:

  1. Creating a simple HTML5 document

  2. Headings

  3. Hyperlinks

  4. Horizontal Rule and Footer

  5. Images

  6. Images as Hyperlinks

  7. Special Characters

  8. Ordered and Unordered Lists

  9. Tables

  10. Complex Tables

  11. Forms

  12. Internal Links

  13. Meta data

  14. HTML4 vs HTML5: Part-1

  15. HTML4 vs HTML5: Part-2

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    Date of last modification: 2022