Installing and Using Notepad++


Notepad++ is simple user friendly text editor to develop develop web pages. Here is link to download Notepad++. Notepad++ After downloading Notepad++ and it's available on your desktop then doublick on it to start the installation.

  1. Step1:

    Click Next.

  2. Step2:

    Click I agree.

  3. Step3: it shows per default, the location (folder) where Notepadd++ is about to be installed.

    Click next or specify another folder.

  4. Step4: It is about the installation type.

    I recommend selecting the option custom.

  5. Step5:

    if you are using Notepad++ from a USB then select option 1. It's recommended NOT to select option 2 for now and option 3 is about having a shortcut,
    which is useful to have. It allows you to run Notepad++ by just clicking on the shortcut.

  6. After completing the installation, click on the Notepad++ shortcut

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Date of last modification: 2023