Statistical Mathematics

Topics Covered:

Section I: Brief Review of Simple Mathematical Concepts
  1. Introduction to Basic Mathematical Concepts: Review Exercises and Solutions

  2. Introduction to Statistics

  3. Measures of central Tendencies for Ungrouped Data

  4. Data Presentation & Analysis

  5. Practice: Exercises with Solutions
    1. Population & Sample, Classification of Data

    2. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion for Grouped Data

    3. Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion of Grouped and Ungrouped Data

    4. Review Test: Questions

    5. Review Test: Solutions

Section II: Random Variables
  1. Random Variables

Section III: Sampling Distribution
  1. Sampling Distribution

Section IV: Probability and Probability Distribution
  1. Probability and Probability Distributions

  2. Practice 1: Questions and Solutions

  3. Practice 2: Questions and Solutions

  4. Practice 3: Questions and Solutions

  5. Review Test: Questions

  6. Review Test: Solutions

Section V: Overall Quiz
  1. Quiz 1: A set of questions related Statistical Maths

  2. Solutions to the Quiz 1

  3. Quiz 2: A set of questions related to the above topics

  4. Solutions to the Quiz 2

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