Input, Process & Output


variable = expression
The = operator assign the expression on the right side to the variable in left side.

Interaction with user

Display statement

print(expression[,expression2, expression3,…])
The print() function prints the given expression on the console screen

Read user input

variable = input(string)

Example: ask the user for his name and his age

	    name = input("Enter your name:")
        age = input("Enter your age:")
        age = int(age)

Input convertion

x = input("Enter anything:")

Example: Program to read name and age from user and display it

	    name = input("Enter a name")
        age = input("Enter an age ")
	    print("Hello ",name," my age is also ",age)

Here is the output:

Example-2: with simple calculation

Program to read name and age from user and calculate and display his/her age on next year.
	    name = input("Enter a name”)
        age = input("Enter an age ”)
        age = int(age)
        ageNextYear = age + 1
        print("Hello ",name," you will be ", ageNextYear, "next year" )

Example-3: with simple calculation

Write a Python program that read price of an item and quantity bought, calculate and display the total.
	    price = input("Enter the price of item ")
        price = float(price)
        qty = input("Enter the quantity ")
        qty = int(qty
        total = price * qty
        print("Total price ",total," dhs")
Here is the output:

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