Solutions to the Quiz on Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Question 1: A quantity that is a measure of how the displacement traveled changes with time is

Answer: velocity

Question 2: Which of the following quantities relating to motion is not a vector?
Answer: Speed

Question 3: A car is traveling at 50m/s, the driver uses the brakes to stop the car in 10 seconds.
Find the average acceleration of the car.

Answer: − 5s
Explanation: At time = 0, speed Vt0 = 50m/s and when the car has stopped final speed Vf = 0.
Acceleration (a) = Vf − Vt0 / T = (0 − 50)/ 10 = − 5 m/s2

Question 4: Find the acceleration of a car traveling at constant speed.

Answer: 0 m/s2
Note that the car could still have acceleration when it is traveling in circular motion because its direction is constantly changing.

Question 5: A quantity that is a measure of how the velocity of a body changes with time is called

Answer: acceleration

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