Loops in C#

Using Selection and Iteration (loop)


Write an algorithm for an application that
will display numbers from 1 to 10 and at the same time will display if the number is a multiple of 3.
Use a for loop from 1 to 10 and Inside the body of the for loop:
Check if the number is multiple of 3 (number % 3 = 0) then display the number like this: 6 is a multiple of 3
otherwise just display the number only, for example: 7

The algorithm/pseudocode of example-1
	for counter=1 , counter <= 10 , counter = counter +1
		if counter % 3 = 0
			Display counter is multiple of 3
		   Display counter 


Write an algorithm for an application that that will ask the user to enter his salary.

The algorithm/pseudocode of example-2
	if salary text box is empty
		Display an error message
		Get salary
		Set counter to 1
        while counter <= 3
			Calculate salary as salary + 500     	   	
            Display counter and salary
			counter = counter +1

Here is a scenario of the output:

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