Latin Calculator in Visual C#

Create a new application and call it Latin Translator

Look at the following list of Latin works and their meanings:
Latin words and their English meanings
Latin English
sinister left
dexter right
medium center

Create an application that translates the Latin words to English. The form should have three buttons, one for each Latin work. When the user clicks a button, the application should display the English translation in a Label control. Draw and Label the GUI (using pen/pencil and paper)as shown here:

Write the pseudo code for the buttons

sinisterButton: display "left" in translationLabel
dexterButton: display "right" in translationLabel
mediumButton: display "center" in translationLabel

In C#, start a new project and set up the new form

Be sure to name each control like in here:

Enter the code for the Click event handlers for the buttons

Congrats! You completed designing and running the Latin Calculator project in Visual C#.

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Date of last modification: 2021