Here is another external CSS example for trying out:

Here is the code of an HTML document:
<title> An Open Letter to the IRS </title>
<link rel="stylesheet" type = "text/css" href="..\Style Sheets/letter.css">
<body> BACKGROUND="..\Pictures/bgcc.jpg">
<p class="rhead">
April 1, 2001
<p class="rhead">
Adam Clerk
Bully Corporation
Blumond, WA 12345
<p class="lhead">
Internal Revenue Service
Sacramento, CA 12345
Dear Sir/Madam,
<p class="body">
I am writing to inform you that, due to financial difficulties, i will be unable to pay all my taxes this year.
You see, my company has had reduced profits this year. in fact gross revenues has now dropped below the GDB of fifteen foreign countries! given this intolerable situation, I am sure you will understand.
<center> <h1>  I hope this example was useful to understand more on CSS classes! </h1> </center>
<p class="foot1">
<p class="foot2">
Adam Clerk
Here is the code of the external CSS file:
/* Style sheets */
/* external style sheet */
		p { margin-top: 5px }
		p.rhead { text-align: right;
         margin-right: 0.5in;
         font-family: times new roman;
		p.lhead { font-family: Book Antiqua }
		p.body { text-align: justify;
         text-indent: 0.5in;

		p.foot1 { margin-left: 60%;
         line-height: 300%; 
		p.foot2 { margin-left: 60%;
         line-height: 300%;
         color:red; }

Here is the rendered document when it's done correctly.

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