Role of Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive learning/teaching is an educational method that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide personalized learning, which aims to support effective and tailored learning programs and pace to engage students individually based on performance and students' needs.

The sheer amount of data on student learning, and ML tools would help instructors and academic administrators analyze the large data sets to improve student retention and financial aid programs.

Within educational settings, AI and particularly ML algorithms have been applied on student data to develop models for the purpose of predicting performance and improve teaching, learning, and student success.

The spread of ML tools and its applications in online education and mobile education, and learning management systems are culminating towards learning environments that provide analytics to showcase learning patterns across multiple dimensions.

In online and virtual learning environments, students' learning data and access patterns could lead to discover how students get involved in improving their own learning and learn from each other specifically those who share similar interests and performance.

Advantages of AI in LA are manifold including the following:

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Date of last modification: 2023